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Welcome to the unofficial organiations page! Here you will find information regarding the system.

Everyone who would like to form and start it's own faction will start as a unofficial faction. This really sounds worse than it is, the only difference between a unofficial faction and a official faction is the scripted existance. It's not 'hard' to be part of a unofficial faction, or to lead one. The only difference is that you have no commands and that the faction needs to be organised and led manually.

If you are looking to become official, you'll need to keep the following aspects in mind:

1. Activity

A faction can't exist just out of one or two members. A faction is a group of members that stand for something and do a certain thing together. The faction needs to be alive and prosperous.

2. Renown

You need to get known around town, people need to know what your faction is and what you do. Gain influence and get your faction's name and ideas around.

3. A good reputation

The faction members should be known for their good roleplay. Rulebreaking ruins a faction's reputattion thus decreases the chances of getting official.

4. Existance

You need to survive. The unofficial period is also a test to see how well and active your faction is going to be and stay. If your faction breaks after one or two weeks, then it is clear that the faction has no potential to become official.

Tips & Tricks

- Be original. Don't be just 'a gang'. Be something special, what makes your gang/Organization

- Events Host events, keep your people happy. Not much bad can come out of an organization with proud and loyal members.


- Don't push things too far. Bare in mind that you are only a part of X-Roleplay's unofficial organizations that are willing to contribute more than just the game and bring something swell and good towards the community. Now, be honest, isn't that a bit rough to hear? Do your best to remove the unofficial claim.

- Maintain control of your members. While saying so, don't alternatively let them express their profane language towards other community players. You need to let other people know that your faction contains delightful people, willing to make some difference.

- Showing off, depending on what kind of faction will you be organizing, can be described by the words themselves: is not acceptive for most players. It also means not to just use /me I am from that and that faction, I am king, I am everything. To most people, you will look desperate to get your name around, thereof, work in silence so your success at the end can be heard.