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Below a list of Tools found in X-Roleplay

Item Type Purpose Re-usable Skill name Skill lvl XP Crafting Requirements
Repair Kit tools Repair your vehicle engine no mechanic 1 100 Steelbar (2)
Siphon Tube tools Suck fuel from a vehicle inside a fuel can yes mechanic 2 150 Plastic bar (2)
Steelbar (1)
Crowbar tools Break locks yes mechanic 5 500 Plastic bar (2)
Steelbar (10)
Fishing Rod tools Catch fish at fishing points yes mechanic 3 250 Wood (2)
Steelbar (1)
Fuel Can materials Refill your vehicle fuel at any location no None N/A N/A
Baits materials Use baits to catch fish with a fishing rod no cooking 1 50 Bread (1)

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