The Sheriff's Department

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The Sheriff's Department of Red County is a governmental law enforcement agency, which maintains peace, prosperity and stability within the regions of the state. Following this, the power which the Department itself consists, is initially depended on the use of force. The Government, however, possesses the full act of control of the Department. The agency consists qualified material and resources in order to function properly and to perform the responsive actions professionally. While saying so, it shall maintain internal affairs or human resources divisions responsible for handling complaints and reports about personnel activities. Disputes or disagreements over the conclusions of these reports shall be handled through the Dispute process. The Department has the constitutional authority to create it's own rules. Members may be referred to as police officers, troopers, sheriffs, constables.

In many jurisdictions, police officers carry firearms, primarily handguns, in the normal course of their duties. The Department consists specialist units for handling armed offenders, and similar dangerous situations.

Criminal procedure law in Red County is developed to regulate officers' discretion, in order to that they do not arbitrarily or unjustly exercise their powers of arrest, search, seizure and particle use of force.