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((Short, prototype story))

San Andreas is an island located in the atlantic ocean. San Andreas lays far from the civilized worlds. During the period of World War I two major american investors purchased the island and established a government. The land was originally bought in order to build a military testing facility. The government started to build farms and plants at the center of San Andreas, foreign workers were hired to work on these fields. The harvest was being sold to the allies at times. The foreign workers build shacks at first to live in, with little freedom and the great presence of the military their rights were revoked. As time passed, prosperity came to San Andreas. The Government issued the build of a clinic, a church and actual homes for the people. The county was finally developing into a country.

Not much later the american investor decided granted building rights to three men. The three were responsible for designing and the build of a city. Three cities were build, San Fierro, Los Santos and Las Venturas. Years and years after the construction of the cities finished, immigrants came and started living in the cities. However, during the second world war export contracts were completed and the american investor found no profitable contacts.

Eventually the three men turned against the american investor and managed to overthrow the regime of the investor. Not much later, the three investors turned on eachother and either died or quit their project on San Andreas

The people of San Andreas were left alone. As there was no longer any trading done, no food imports were coming to the citizens and therefor they mostly emigrated out of the cities to other world countries as nothing more than refugees, others remained in San Andreas or moved to the county. The presence in the cities literally died, as today it's nothing but empty, abandoned cities.

A basic government was assigned by the people of the county. With every three months a new leader. The farms of the county keeping the families on the island fed. The clinic was re-opened and a basic police force was formed. This is where we are now, in 2015.