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(Development is not done, yet.)

On this Wiki you will find various server & community related information, such as:

We have the following information categories:

- General Server Help

Here you will find general server related information.

- Getting Started

New to X-Roleplay? Pay this page a wiki for tips, tricks and assistance on getting started.

- Vehicle Help

Looking to get familiar with the vehicle system? Or just looking for a specific vehicle related thing?

- Roleplay help

New to roleplay? Open the page to get a introduction to the roleplay genre.

- Business help

If you are looking for business related information, such as getting a business started and the mangement of a business?

- House/apartment help

If you are having trouble or questions related to the housing system, then this is your wiki.

- Job help

If you are looking for a fitting job, or just looking to increase your knowledge.

- Skills help

Available items, crafting requirements

- Items

Looking to get more familiar with the skill system? Or just looking for possibilities?

In Character Information:

- Red County's history

There is much more to know about Red County

Factions Information:

-The Sheriff's Department

Looking for general information regarding the Sheriff Department?

- The Emergency Services

Looking for general information regarding the Emergency Services?

- The Government

Looking for more information regarding Red County's Government?

Groups, gangs and organizations.

- Unofficial organizations

Are you willing to start your own organization, or just looking for information. Head over to this wiki.