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In X-Roleplay we do not follow the classic /getjob system.

In X-Roleplay we have skills rather than 'jobs'

We still know most of the classic jobs such as fishing however, here at X-Roleplay.. it works differently. Let's say you go fishing, all you need to do is obtain a fishing rod and some [[bait] and find a fishing spot. There are no restrictions in what you can do, however.. the higher your fishing skill is, the more and bigger fishes you will be able to catch. Once you've caught a couple of fishes, you can bring them over to the market where you can put your fish for sale on various market stalls

Of-course work doesn't depend just on the script. You can also work for other players, by accepting tasks or by perhaps joining an organization. The possibilities are endless.

See the skills tab for 'work' opportunities.